Shawn Mendes Show Up Dance At ‘Marvin’s Room’ For The Ultimate Sad Boy Song

Shawn Mendes has plenty of lovesick ballads in his own catalog, but for his latest musical mashup, he decided to dig into fellow Canadian Drake’s collection of Sad Boy songs.
Performing for Capital Film, Shawn covered Drizzy’s 2011 track “Marvin’s Room,” letting his voice quiver as he self-justifies an ill-fated drunk dial. To make things more interesting, he paired the acoustic number with Drake’s new chart topping viewing single “One Dance.” Sure, the 17-year-old isn’t actually old enough to have a Hennessy in his hand, but this mashup sounds so sweet, you’ll forget all about that
During the same appearance, Shawn also worked his mashup magic by blending his hit “Stitches” with his Camila Cabello-featuring track, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” All in all, it’s just another performance to get Shawn fans psyched for album No