Watch Fifth Harmony Nail Impressions of Rihanna, Adele and Ellie Goulding


These girls have serious skills! Fifth Harmony showed off their best musical impressions in a new video posted by Billboard on Thursday, May 5, for a segment called “#Hot100Karaoke.”
The five ladies each took on a song from one of their favorite female singers. Camila Cabello had everyone cheering when she copied Ellie Goulding’s British accent on Calvin Harris’ 2014 track “Outside." Lauren Jauregui bravely impersonated Adele, performing her 2011 ballad “Someone Like You,” and she totally nailed it.
Ally Brooke attempted to imitate Meghan Trainor’s talking voice and her recently released hit song “No.” Then, Normani Kordei mimicked Rihanna’s signature singing style in her 2010 song “Man Down” and got all the girls dancing. Dinah Jane Hansen even deemed her a “baby version” of the Barbadian superstar.
Finally, Hansen wowed with a cover of fellow X Factor alum Leona Lewis’ 2007 single “Bleeding Love,” which they unanimously decided was the "best one."
The girl group first showcased their talent for impressions in a 2015 video for ODE, in which they impersonated celeb friends such as One Direction and Ed Sheeran.

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