What To Wear With Off-The-Shoulder Tops

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Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are undeniably in for spring–but there seem to be quite a few questions that come along with wearing them. Like–are they appropriate for the office? (Sorry, I don’t know where you work, but probably not!). Are they appropriate for any age? And–what the heck do you wear under them?
Well, to answer the bra question, regular shoulder-strap bras are obviously out. And for women who need the support, those clear plastic bra straps that come with most strapless bras don’t really work either. The off-the-shoulder top really accentuates the shoulder-collar bone region, so it needs to be completely bare to be pulled off.
If you have a great underwire strapless bra–that should work. By all means, go with that if you have it–but after trying on countless styles with countless off-the-shoulder tops, my determination is that seamless bandeau or “comfort” strapless bras work best.
Why? Well, for one they are more comfortable so you can enjoy the off-the-shoulder trend without the discomfort that comes along with wearing a traditional underwire strapless. (I usually try to only wear those for special occasions like weddings or parties–they’re not really fun for everyday wear.) Secondly, the seamless bandeau really looks best under shirts–you don’t have the top of the bra poking out the way it sometimes does with a regular strapless bra–especially one that isn’t perfectly sized for your body (raise your hand if you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size). Bandeau or comfort bras are just the easiest, smoothest, most comfortable option for wearing with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.

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