what you not do when putting under eye cream

Eye cream is an important step to your beauty routine. Why? The skin underneath your eyes is the thinnest and the blood vessels are more noticeable. This is also the exact reason as to why you need a cream specifically for your eyes, rather than regular face moisturizer. On that note, here’s the one thing you should never do when applying eye cream.
Rubbing lotions into your skin kind of promotes wrinkles. Just like you not rub lotion into you face you should never rub in eye cream. Instead, use your ring finger to tap the cream on the orbital bone. Your ring finger has the least amount of pressure so it’s ideal for the delicate eye area. Start from inner to outer corner of your eye, pressing or tapping the product into your skin. Finish off with a gentle glide across your under eye area.
Tapping this area with your ring finger will also help de-puff. You can use the same motion around your entire eye for a mini spa experience!

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