When shaping your brows what you should not do

Growing up, my mom never let me touch my eyebrows. Tweezers were forbidden in her household. That’s because when she was younger, she over plucked her eyebrows and they were never the same again. Now, she’s forced to fill in her eyebrows every day. It’s easy to get carried away and over pluck your brows but it’s a harrowing process, if not impossible, to grow them back. That’s why the one cardinal rule when doing your eyebrows is to never over pluck.
You should be especially careful not to over pluck your eyebrow gap. Yes, unibrows are bad but I’d argue that a huge gap between your brows is even worse. Did you know that a larger space between your eyebrows can make your nose look bigger? It can also make your eyes look further apart. A good trick is to take a makeup brush and line it up vertically with the edge of your inner tear duct (check out this example here. This mark the farthest an eyebrow should be plucked.
Here are some other eyebrow mistakes to avoid:
  • Stop trying to make your eyebrows look symmetrical. This is a lost cause and often leads to over plucking. Remember that “eyebrows are sisters, not twins.”
  • You don’t want to draw on your eyebrows. Dark, thick eyebrows look unnatural. Instead, you want to use light, feathery strokes to define your brows. I recommend using an eyebrow pencil 
  • When plucking your eyebrows, aviod using high ligthen mirror This can distort the way your eyebrows look and cause your to over-tweeze.

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