When you buy foundation, you usually pick the one that matches your skin tone best and go with that one, right? Wrong! It turns out that the one thing you should NEVER do when applying foundation is only wear one shade of it. Why? Because your skin tone has highs and lows (it is unlikely if not impossible that it’s perfectly even!), so you need to go with two shades and then blend.
I know–life changing!! This is something that makeup artists know that the average woman does not. Here’s more on that:
The trick is to always keep two foundations on hand,” Shain Kish, a makeup artist with Birchbox explains. “I suggest a medium coverage foundation in your lightest shade and a more sheer tinted moisturizer or BB cream in your darkest.” This way, you can adjust the color and coverage for the season, too.
Shain’s product picks?
So, how to do it? “Using your fingers, apply the light/medium coverage foundation onto the high planes of your face (in the shape of a sunburst and you only need a dime size. Then, I like to use a beauty bender and place a more generous amount of the dark/sheer foundation to the contours and outer rim of the face. To top it off, overlap the darker color over the lighter color and blend seamlessly.”
Well, there you have it ladies! Now you can actually see the best way to apply foundation cream.

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