Your Stomach Growling Doesn't Actually Mean You're Hungry See Why

Get this, that rumbling in your stomach isn’t actually your body’s desperate cry for nourishment. I know, that’s hard to hear. Every time my stomach starts a’growlin’ I immediately feel bad for myself. Woe is me, this poor girl is neglecting the demands of her diet! Must be time to break out that pint of Ben & Jerry’s…
But in reality, the stomach you clutch mid-growl isn’t your stomach at all! Your actual stomach only reaches to the bottom of your rib cage. So the rumbling in question is not the product of desperate hunger, but rather a cleansing process that pushes food from the stomach into the intestines. This typically happens about an hour after you’ve eaten. Any further munching will silence your stomach and discontinue the cleaning process.

Experts recommend that you leave a stretch of four to five hours between meals — cut the snack sesh and let your body do its job! Admittedly, this is easier said than done. Whoever advised five hour breaks in an eating schedj clearly never met my friends watermelon Sour Patch Kids, Belgian chocolate, and Charleston Chews.
Anyway, TL;DR: though you may feel hungry when your stomach growls, you don’t actually need to eat — and you probably shouldn’t!

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