A lot of models start at a young age and Shannon Dalonzo is no different. She began modeling when she was only 16 after being ‘scouted’ as she calls it, while she was in high school. She kept putting the offers off in order to focus on her studies until she finally agreed to a contract, which took her to Greece on her first major international modeling contract. That, apparently, changed everything for her and from then on she was hooked on modeling as a full-time career.
Modeling, especially walking the runway, Shannon told us, gives her a rush like nothing else in the world can. It enables her to be the creative person she truly is and to experience another world where music, photography, acting and the interaction with the audience all come together to make an already exciting experience even more so.
Shannon is from Canada and one of her favorite things to do is walk the runway at the Montreal Fashion Week. Fashion Week takes place at several large fashion and design oriented cities in the world, and it’s where design houses, fashion designers and well-known clothing brands show off their most current collections to the media and to buyers. Shannon has been chosen to walk the runway at this prestigious show several seasons and each time brings with it new and more beautiful clothes for her to model and new designers who are constantly pushing the envelope of what can be worn.
Shannon has been around the modeling industry all her life. Her mother and father did modeling in their teens and her brother has also done modeling. She realizes that to succeed in the business takes a lot of discipline and dedication and she also knows that there are many sacrifices to be made. One of them is not being able to see your family for months at a time because you’re so busy working and traveling – literally living out of a suitcase. But, she interjects, there are plenty of perks that come with the job and it is an exciting life. You get to have experiences that you would never have dreamed of if you were in a different line of work and you also get to meet some very interesting people.
Shannon is quite content with her modeling career. She is in high demand as a runway model and for magazines spreads and ads and she is looking forward to the L.A. Swim runway show in Los Angeles.