6 Ways to Save Money On A Night Out

You’ve got your makeup done, heels on, hair on #fleek, and you’re ready for a night out on the town. One problem – you’re kinda low on money… Whether your paycheck just can’t handle a GNO or your parents aren’t in support of your partying, we’ve got you covered! Phew!
We discovered some tips and tricks to help you save money on a night out. So to ensure that you don’t wake up the next morning looking at your empty wallet or bank account saying holy $h*!, check these out:
1. Pregame. Drinks at the bar are expensive – we all know that. So, get some friends together, buy a big bottle of your favorite alcohol, and drink before you go out. Pregamming will ensure you don’t waste money on that overpriced gin and tonic, BUT, be careful not to drink too much!! Seriously, we know we aren’t your mom, but like “be smart girls!”
2. Late Night Eating. Honestly, we can all admit that we look forward to post-going out activities, number one being late-night eating. Nothing says a successful night out like eating some pizza, cheesy bread, or fries (or all three), and recounting the evening’s events with your girls. BUT, we have a helpful tip to make this part of going out way cheaper: instead of splurging on delivered fast food at 3 AM, why not prepare some snacks at home before you go out?! This way, you come home to food literally waiting for you to eat it – rather than you waiting for it. Not to mention, this might help with portion control or some potentially healthier options. Regardless, having snacks at home will help you control your cash.
3. Get There Early. We know it’s cool and stuff to be casually late, but when it comes to saving some money, suck up your pride and show up early. Some places have cheaper or no entrance fees before a certain hour. It never hurts to check it out, and possibly save some money.
4. Set A Budget. This is better known as self-control, ladies. Go into the night only letting yourself spend a certain amount of money. Maybe tell a friend to keep track of your spending so you can be kept accountable for your budget?? Try it out, you’d be surprised how responsible you can be if you try really hard!
5. Leave Your Cards At Home. Your automatic response might be no way but think about it. Without your credit or debit cards, you are limited to the cash that you have on you. This way, you know you need to leave a certain amount for your cab home, and you have a limit on the amount you can spend while you’re out! If you’re too nervous to go out without a card on you, bring it”just in case of an emergency” and don’t let yourself use it! You’ll be thanking us when you look at a full bank account the next morning.
6. Boys, Boys, Boys. Last but not least, there is always the option of getting a cute boy to buy you drinks! A little flirting never hurt, and it’s all for a good cause, right?! ;)

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