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During the hot and humid days of summer, beauty experts often advise us to forego heavy makeup altogether because, let’s be honest, foundation that drips down your face and onto your clothing is not a good look. But there are times when we need a little extra polish in the form of flawless skin; what then? Is foundation always summer’s number one enemy?

The short answer is: unless you absolutely have to wear foundation in the summer, skip it. The more foundation you slather on your skin when it’s hot and humid, the bigger risk your risk a breakout.
“Makeup can mix with sweat on the face and block up the pores, especially in the hot and humid weather,” says Dr. David E. Bank, founder and director of The centre of Damalogy and laser surgery“This can lead to breakouts and bumpy, uneven skin.”
Bank reminds us that sweating with makeup on can cause a buildup of excess oil and a higher risk of clogged pores, not to mention certain kinds of makeup contain oils that are more likely to clog pores along the forehead, nose and chin area.

“Makeup will also slide right off your face once you start sweating,” Bank says. “Sweating opens up pores and when there’s a layer of makeup on top of it, combined with dirt and bacteria, it can lead to breakouts categorized as acne cosmetica. Try to remove makeup prior to working out/sweating to reduce the chances of clogged pores. ”
I you absolutely must wear foundation in the heat, pro makeup artist and beauty expert Jennifer Trotter of Lip service Maker who is based in Dallas/Fort Worth (where it’s 90 and above from May-September, FYI) offers these helpful tips.
1. Use primer instead. “If it’s a casual occasion and your skin is looking good, use a mattifying primer, a bit of concealer on dark circles and any red spots and skip a full face of foundation,” Trotter says. “Add waterproof mascara, a fun lip color and a bit of bronzer and work a carefree natural look.”

2. Prep your skin before foundation. “If you need/want a full coverage look despite soaring temps, here’s your plan of action: cleanse well and use a light, water gel formula moisturizer.

3. Apply foundation with a brush and go easy. “Dot on a highly pigmented cream foundation or even a concealer that matches your skin and has a slightly drier texture (you can use less product!) with a foundation brush. Focus on dark circles, blotchy areas, shadows around your mouth,” Trotter says. “Blend with a slightly damp beauty blender. Skip using your fingers as they can add extra oil. Use as little foundation as you can to achieve the coverage you need to avoid a total meltdown.” Trotter herself says she uses RCMA,

4. Set foundation. Don’t just apply your foundation and cross your fingers in the hopes that it will stay in place. “Set foundation with a very finely milled setting powder (like Cover FX) buffed on lightly using a large, fluffy brush,” Trotter says. “Take your dampened beauty blender and lightly press all over your face–this avoids a powdery look and helps to really ensure your foundation is set.” Trotter’s final step? A light misting of setting spray to lock everything into place–she recommends Urban Decay Nighter.
And if you happen to get hot and sweaty during the day while wearing full or medium-coverage foundation, Trotter says to keep these simple tips in mind:

– Never add powder to wet or sweaty skin; it’ll look pasty and muddy.
–  Blot using a paper towel to gently absorb moisture off your face and don’t wipe. The combination of sweat/water and wiping will ruin your makeup. Blot gently and it’ll stay intact.
– Remove oil using a blotting sheet after you’ve blotted excess sweat. Don’t attempt to control shine with powder.

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