A Prefect Lip Stick For Both Night & Day

There are a lot of factors to think of when choosing makeup that's just right for a date, like the color and texture of what you put on your lips. Whether you're headed to an early casual hangout or an upscale venue at night, a velvety and smooth matte lip color should be the obvious choice. Not only can a matte finish provide you with high-definition color, but it can also deliver a smooth finish with moisturizing feel. Up ahead, we highlight four matte lip shades that will make you feel confident for your next date, no matter the occasion.

 If you're headed to a concert, you need to pick a lip color that will match the dark environment. That's why a high-energy music event is the perfect occasion to try out a bold berry shade. As you dance along to the music, you'll want a moisturizing yet finished that looks fantastic and provides full coverage in one coat.

When meeting your date for drinks after work, it's best to choose a neutral-toned lip look that will give you an effortlessly beautiful appearance. Make an impression with a matter lip color fleet and feels great on.


If you and your date have agreed on an intimate and formal dinner, then it's time to try out a classic red lip. Don't hold back for this romantic occasion, and choose a red color defintation to accentuate your pout. A red lip also pairs perfectly with a seductive smoky eye.

Choosing a lip color for an early brunch date is simple. Opt for a refreshing and lively peach shade that will be sure to brighten up your look. A wonderful product that keep your lip try and beautiful all brunch long.

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