Animation reveals the science of the male orgasm

If you've ever wondered how the male orgasm works, here is your explanation.
This amination details the exact movement of multiple organs, and the intricate interplay of physical and mental stimulation, that lead to ejaculation.
The gife, created by Aminated Biomedical Production, has become a popular among internet users on the sites Giphy and Reddit.
And in fact, the rather graphic clip provides an educational insight into the science behind men's sexual organs.

It begins with arousal.
The man encounters something sexually stimulating, and his brain send a signal down the spinal cord to his genitals.
If a man has a high level of testosterone hormones flowing through his body, he typically has a higher sexual drive or libido.  
This signal of arousal tells the arteries inside his shaft to open, allowing blood to rush at 50 times its normal speed into the soft tissue, known as the corpora cavernosa.
The veins that would ordinarily drain away from the penis tighten, locking the blood in.
As a result, the shaft becomes firm and erect.
Once erect, there is a period warming up that takes between 30 seconds and two minutes.
The heart rate soars to around 175 beats per minute.
The man's muscles tense up.
And pre-ejaculatory fluid seeps out of the penis tip.
This fluid is designed to neutralize the pH levels at the tip of the penis to protect the sperm and allow it to survive for a while after being ejaculated. 
It comes from a set of glands near the urethra called the seminal vesicles.

Once aroused, tubes called the vas deferens squeeze sperm from the testes at the base of the penis towards the back of the urethra at the tip of the penis.
At the same time, the seminal vesicles release fluid which combines with the semen near the top of the urethra.
This stage is called 'emission', or 'the point of no return': when it is inevitable that the man will release semen.
Ejaculation occurs at the height of sexual arousal.
The urethra senses the sperm mixture and sends signals of pleasure to the spinal cord.
Nerves in the spinal cord direct the muscles at the base of the penis to contract.
They contract forcefully every 0.8 seconds, forcing the semen out of the penis.
The penis begins to lose its erection almost straight away.
After ejaculating, the muscles relax, letting the blood flow out of the shaft.
This release induces a feel of relaxation and calm.
It will normally take about 30 minutes to be at a point where the man can achieve another erection.

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