Best Way To Make Your Clothes Not To Have Odour

We’ve all been there: you wear a dress or jeans on a hot day, you sweat a little (or a lot) and then at the end of the day you wonder if you need to wash said item or if you can hang it back up in your closet. There’s no shame in the game–over-washing items is bad for th (just ask the e environment SEO of Levi’s who never wash his. If there aren’t visible stains, you can get away with not washing them–you just need to deal with the odor issue. I’ve got a hack for that.
Well, actually I stole it from that Levi’s dude (he’s on fire!). You just need to put them in the freezer. I know–it’s so simple. You’re probably wondering… does that really work? The answer is yes, storing your clothing (inside a Ziploc bag or a canvas bag, that is) inside the freezer overnight kills germs, gets rid of body odor and some internet folks even say it makes washing cleaners

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