Hannah Is Back With Adam (and Possibly Pregnant?!)

Lena Dunham and Adam Driver were spotted on the set of Girls in NYC on Thursday, and photos of the two shooting scenes for the show's sixth and final season sort of make it look like their characters, Hannah Horvath and Adam Sackler, end up getting back together. They filmed while chatting on a park bench, walking through the street, and stopping to kiss — and at one point, Adam placed his hand on what appears to be Hannah's baby bump. Wait, what?! It's unclear if this is an actual show moment or just some sort of dream sequence, but either way, it's a pretty big development for the on-again, off-again couple.
If you recall, the end of Girls' fifth season saw Hannah in turmoil after discovering that one of her best friends, Jessa, was dating her ex, Adam. In the finale episode, Hannah appears to have come to terms with their relationship and leaves a gift basket outside of Adam's apartment door (while inside, the couple is embroiled in a huge, destructive argument followed by steamy make-up sex). It's also worth noting that Hannah is now single after breaking up with her secret deck boyfriend(played by Jake Lacy). HBO confirmed that the series was ending back in February, so Hannah's possible pregnancy and reconciliation with Adam would definitely be a big way to bring the show to a close.

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