Here's The Bra You Should Wear With All Your Lace-Up Tops And Dresses

Thanks to trendsetting celebs like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, the lace-up look is everywhere this summer. Really, what’s not to love? It’s subtly sexy and is definitely on the practical side when it comes to staying cool in the summer. (Read: it totally banishes boob sweat.) The only problem with this tried-and-true trend? The whole, you know, bra thing. Since most bras cut straight across a plunging neckline, they can kind of kill the look of a lace-up top or dress – but we think we’ve found the solution.
This bra is only $28 at Nordstrom and it just might offer the most plunging neckline we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t sacrifice support either – its long-line shape keeps everything right where it should be. It’s even offered in both nude and black and has convertible straps that allow it to be worn crisscrossed or as a halter. Oh, and 80 reviews that average at four stars prove that other lovers of the lace-up look have given this bra their stamp of approval.
Finally – a bra that allows us to wear one of our favorite summer trends without looking down every five seconds to see whether it’s peeking through!

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