How To Cure Super Painful Pimples

As someone who suffers from super painful, debilitating chronic migraines that can put me out of commission for an entire day, I’ve gotten to know the magic of aspirin pretty well. But it turns out that aspirin’s anti-inflammatory properties are also amazing for another one of my common ailments: acne. If you’ve ever gotten a massive, swollen red pimple, you feel my pain – not only does it hurt for a day or two, but it’s also a lot harder to cover up than most blemishes.
Luckily though, it’s aspirin to the rescue. To majorly reduce the swelling of your pimple (therefore making it less painful and easier to hide with makeup), all you’ll need is regular dose asprin ($4.74) and water. Use a metal spoon to crush an aspirin tablet into a powder, and add only a drop or two of water to the aspirin tablet to create a paste. Apply the paste to your blemish and allow it to sit for five minutes. After five minutes, simply rinse the paste off with water – your zit should be half its size!
Feeling even more #blessed about the existence of aspirin? Me too.

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