How To Look Beauty Both IN Day & Night

For a look that reads cute yet classic, focus your attention on a subtle cat-eye and a pink lip.
You want your cat-eye to follow the natural shape of your eye, though, to avoid making it seem too retro or too closed.
For Lauren, that means creating what she calls a 'mini wing,' that starts about halfway from the corner of her lid. 'If I take the wing all the way across the lash line, it's too round and goes too high and doesn't do what a cat-eye should,' she said.  
STEP 1: After prepping her skin with foundation and concealer, Lauren used a liquid liner to make her mini wing. She then lined the inner part of her upper lash line all the way into the corners of the eye, so it looked like every lash was connected at the root.    
STEP 2: Next, Lauren used a flesh-colored eyeshadow from the Avon true color to give a soft contour in the crease of the eye, warming it up. To do so, she used a blending brush in a windshield wiper motion.
She skipped the highlighter, though. 'I like my make-up to blend to skin, so I rarely use a highlighter under the brow bone,' she said. 'I only ever use it to blend the shadow into the skin. I'm not going to have everything covered from brow to lid. It just seems like too much for day.'
STEP 3: Use a flat brush dipped in a little bit of water to define the lower lashline with a darker brown shadow. 'It's not as harsh as an eyeliner, but you're still opening up the eye,' Lauren added.
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STEP 4: Pile on the mascara. Lauren used the Masacra. 'This grabs every single lash, giving you a really soft, fluffy, full, flirty lash,' she said. I love a lash, so I build, build, build. And I put a little on the lower lashes, too.'
STEP 5: Hit the apples of the cheeks with a soft pink blush. 'I like wearing a pinky-peach because I'm a redhead, but a soft pink on a blond is so cute, and on someone with really rich skin, I like something that's super impactful,' she said. 'You have to play and see what balances your skin. Because I'm more yellow-based and I have all this gold in my hair right now, a peach cheek is too much on me and I have to cut it with a pink, whereas if my hair were a different color, I could maybe wear the peach more.'
STEP 6: Apply a matte pink lip color to finish the look. Lauren used the Avon pure pinl lipstick here, but lover pick lipstick in Infatuation is another good option.

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