How You Can Put Together a Polished Look in Under 7minutes

It's hard to find the time in the morning to really put yourself together the way you want — between the hairstyling tools and makeup application steps, you can lose a lot of time. So to save you from spending a huge chunk of your day getting ready, we put together a completely polished look in under 10 minutes (including hair!). And the best part is that you only need four things to do it.

(1) Dry First

(2) Style Your Hair With A Small Tool
Once hair starts to dry, hold the tool at an angle to give yourself a sleek, smooth, and polished look.

(3) Keep Simple Make-Up

Concealer should never be applied to dry skin (it gets blotchy), so after you've put on your morning moisturizer or BB cream, apply a concealer that matches your skin tone but has a peach tint, as it helps with dark under-eye circles. You can even use it as an eye shadow and brow highlighter if you have time. Be sure to make a V with the product underneath the eye, not a half-moon.

(4) Apply Lip Stick

A light mauve-colored lipstick will help put together your polished look. Apply and you're done. 

(5)Apply Mascara
Just a few flicks of the wand and you can instantly wake up eyes.

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