Kimberley and Amy Datnow talk film

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We caught up with sisters Kimberley and Amy Datnow who recently teamed up to start their own production company ‘Clean Slate Productions’. To add to this excitement, they also have a feature film coming out later this year entitled ‘Daddy Issues’. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg of more exciting things to come for these two British sisters. So, how do these sisters who live in two different parts of the world manage to make all of this work? We found out when we recently sat down with both of them on a bright sunny day in LA’s trendy Larchmont Village.
Amber Claire: You guys are sisters that have just started your own production company and have lots of exciting projects in the works. Please introduce yourselves to the readers and let us know how it all began:
Kimberley Datnow: I was living in LA and used to call Amy with long tales of my days on set, equally she would tell me of her Israel experiences, they were always quite different as hers involved bomb sirens going off and mine involved celebrity sightings!
Amy Datnow: We didn’t grow up together as we went to boarding school but we always had the same ideas creatively! We were back in England a few years later and a combination of property, weather and a desire to tell a story made us come back to LA to shoot our first film. I mean you can take the girl out of this city, but not for long!
AC: Can you give us the synopsis of your upcoming feature film ‘Daddy Issues’?:
KD: Well, it’s a comedy so hilarity is inevitable! When her eccentric and distant father passes away, a chaotic British 20-something, Henrietta Norton Phillips can’t cope. She must return to LA to deal with the estate he has left her.
AD: Then she is forced to revisit her past along with a string of college mistakes and ex boyfriends, including one who feels like the answer (ie: he’s just like her dad.) Henrietta hilariously attempts to figure herself out in this comedy about how all our parents can mess us up!
AC: Who were your influences in this industry and what inspired you to get into this type of work?
KD: Influences are from everywhere, the real world, life, humanity, basically telling a story of what it is to be human!
AC: Do you think getting hands on experience is better than sitting in a class room learning about filmmaking?
KD: I think we need a combination of the both on our team. Spielberg once said “When I was a kid, there was no collaboration, it’s you with a camera bossing your friends around, but as an adult filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of those who you surround yourself by and knowing none of this would of been possible without them.
AC: What would be your ideal project to work on and why? Who would you most like to collaborate with?
KD: Amy and I both agree that there are too many people to name, but Greta Gerwig, if you’re out there! She does character based comedy so well.
AC: What would your advice be to aspiring filmmakers?
KD: I think choosing who we work with wisely, having a great team of people around you to help attribute to your success.
AD: Just keep making stuff!
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