Mistakes Brides Make On The Morning Of Their Wedding

The morning of your wedding day is filled with lots of excitement. To make sure you have the perfect day ahead, don't make these nine mistakes.

Not eating.


It's going to be a long day and it's not a good idea to go through it on an empty stomach. While you might be so excited or nervous that a full meal is out of the question, be sure to have some small snacks on hand to enjoy while you're getting married

Drinking too much.

One mimosa or glass of bubbly to calm the nerves is fine--knocking back a few glasses is out of the question. You don't want to be buzzed or wasted before walking down the aisle and reciting vows in front of your nearest and dearest.

Finish DIY projects.


Don't plan on getting up early to arrange flowers, put together favors, print out place cards, etc. You'll be starting off your wedding day severely stressed out.

Running off schedule.


Those brides who are an hour or more late for their ceremony? Not cool. While you are the center of attention and the ceremony can’t start without you, it is beyond rude to leave guests (not to mention your groom) waiting that long. Make a day-of schedule for getting ready and stick with it.

Deciding on a different style.

Hopefully you've had your hair and makeup trials and have decided on a style. So don't decide to switch things up the morning of, which will only lead to stress for you and your stylists.

Stressing about the weather.


Checking your weather app or looking out the window every five minutes will drive you--and everyone around you--crazy. Remember, you can't control Mother Nature, so it's best to just roll with whatever weather comes your way.

Answering your phone.


Whether it's questions for a vendor or a relative asking for last-minute directions, do not answer your cell phone the morning of the wedding. Hand over the reins to either your wedding planner or maid of honor.

Packing for the honeymoon.

You have enough on your plate, so don't add any more to-dos. Pack for the trip in advance so you don't have to deal with it right before the wedding.

Getting a massage or facial.


While it's a great idea to relax on the morning of the big day, getting a spa treatment is probably not a wise decision. If you get a facial or wax, you risk a reaction. And a massage can often lead to sore muscles. So find another way to unwind before you say I Do, such as a relaxing bath or some gentle yoga.


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