Recording artist Jon Burton

Jon Burton

Jon Burton is more than a blues recording artist, he’s a life long musician who began playing at the age of twelve. After starting out in classical music and playing country music where he grew up in Arizona, the Illinois born guitar player found his sweet spot where rock ‘n’ roll has its history, in the blues. Burton has shared the stage with top 40 artists, such as Vince Gill and Restless Heart, among others. His band is comprised of veteran industry musicians: Ronnie Ciago on drums; Garrett Sullivan on bass and Robert Luna on Keyboards. They know each other so well that their interaction is second nature. The band has built a local and loyal following in southern California, so it’s not surprising the audience continues to expand as word about them continues to travel. 

The band’s recent live performance on a local television channel was a toe tapping hit! Whether is it’s a song like Midnight Passion or a cover tune of Bobby Caldwell’s What You Won’t Do For Love, Burton’s vocals are transcending. Jon Burton is truly a blues man and his band makes quality music which they certainly deliver…they dazzle audiences simply because they are a quality blues band. The sign of any good artist is that they leave you wanting more, just as the Jon Burton Band does. So the next time you’re in Los Angels be sure to check out the band. Oh, did I mention that Burton also has a degree in acting and has worked as a stage actor? But that’s for another story…
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Zachary Cortes PR
Los Angeles, California

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  1. Jon Burton is a true artist and a great song writer, Midnight Train is #1 hit song, and he can do the blues like the song she's got me right you can feel that when Jon sings, Jon is a star.