The Emotional DNC Moment You Probably Didn't Hear About but Should

Anastasia Somoza — a disability rights advocate — got a standing ovation when she finished her touching speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night.
Somoza was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia at birth, along with her twin sister. She met President Bill Clinton in 1993 when she was 9 years old at a town hall meeting and then interned for Hillary Clinton when she was in the US Senate.
In her speech, Somoza described meeting the presumptive Democratic nominee and their relationship ever since. "Over the past 23 years, she has continued to serve as a friend and a mentor . . . Championing my inclusion and access to classrooms, higher education, and the workforce."
She also used her moment in the spotlight to shut down Donald Trump.
"Donald Trump has shown us who he really is. And I honestly feel sorry for anyone with that much hate in their heart. I know we will show each other, and the world, who we really are in November — when we choose genuine strength and thoughtful leadership — over fear and division. Donald Trump doesn't see me, he doesn't hear me, and he definitely doesn't speak for me."
Somoza's speech was just as well received online as it was in person at the Philadelphia, PA, arena:

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