Adrian Annis is a remarkable actor whose work will inspire and enthrall you.  He has been working hard for the last twelve years, honing his creative skills and working in middle of the acting industry.  Adrian’s passionate love for acting has taken him over many challenges and made his characters feel so spectacular and real.
Adrian has worked so hard since he began acting, and it has truly paid off.  He has many films currently in post-production and is going to be starting filming on a few films as well.  Modern love, My Guardian Angel, Wakan Tanka, and Mostly Dead are all in the post-production stages.  The Secret of Botticelli is a period piece film that Adrian will begin filming very shortly, and after that he will be working on the sequel, which is entitled Botticelli Murders.  There are two other films, a sci-fi film and a prison drama, that are not yet announced that he will be working on.
Adrian just can’t be stopped.  He has been in over 80 different films in just the last twelve years!  That accomplishment alone is enough to make his a legend.  He has been in several award winning short films, some of which include Quantum, Collide, and The Car.  He has worked on many feature films as well, many of which are extremely popular.  He played a deatheater in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One and Part Two.  He has starred in other feature films such as Art of Darkness, Survivors, Eva’s Diamond, The Crack, and Demons and Doors.  The films listed are but a small few of Adrian’s many amazing accomplishments in the film industry.  Adrian’s skills are superb and we just can’t wait to see his upcoming films!

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