Vincent Amorosi

Born in Naples of an Italian and half American grandfather and the youngest of three children. He has a Master degree in Psychology and also a Bachelor in Criminal Justice from Hartford. He first appeared in TV series in the late 80s and followed by in the late 90s. He also started in many major films such as Ghost rider, The Knowing etc.
In his spare time, he loves writing stories and also teaching and helping others in need and traveling. He has also made a number memorable in Independent production, which earned him awards for best supporting actor as the following.  Awards. Silver screen award, Nominated. For, best actor 2000. Best, supporting actor. Screenwriting Award, Best film screenwriting, 1985.

Also he played for the local baseball team for Victoria at the age of 18 where he won many games. During the time he was a pitcher. A few years later, he was clocked at 95 miles per hour 150km. He was known for he's fast spin ball curve, and for he's unpicking style that make him the best of the best.

During time he played baseball, until 1995, when an injury accrued. He's coach wanted him to play for the Majors in US, but he was too busy during that time as he started working on films.

Vincent, has always been respected for he’s work in the film industry. From across countries, to down under. He’s been. Acting for a very long time, while written screenplays.

Vincent, will appear on National TV, sometime this month. So keep an eye on that. When it comes to films or anything.  He’s no stranger when it comes to playing any character in any film role that he does. He does travels a lot during he’s time. While he still makes time for friends and family.  Most of his life has always been the joker and always in trouble. Lived in London at a young age and then immigrated to Australia.

It was a journey of self - discovery that lead him into acting and script written.  He’s truly amazing person, and actor. With many projects in place for Vincent, along with other major production and interview. With he’s, experience and knowledge, and begin an upcoming celebrity There is no doubt, this thorn, is going to be BIG. 


  1. Wow. This guy is amazing. We saw him downtown, one time. We thought we could ask, if we could get a order-graph off him. We were speechless...! Amazing guy.

  2. Just amazing. We were waiting for you guy's to make an article about Vincent. Well done guys. Keep up the good work. We just want to say. We had the pleasure of working with Vincent on a few film sets. He's just amazing character, and person in real life.
    We just want to say. We learnt, a lot from Vincent. Just amazing, to have the privilege and honor working with just grace and professional.

    From all of us at Film Studio Inc.
    Jenny, John, Peter, Ginger, Tony. Cindy, Joni, Sam, and Dillon.
    US, UK.

  3. Oh my god. We just seen this now. This guy is awesome in the TV series. The Pacific. The knowing, Underbelly. We have been following him for years.
    He's better then Tom Cruise in real life. Please keep on getting more of this guy's. Great article. Need more.
    We just love him.
    Your fans

  4. I really like Vincent and he is charming. Hopefully he could release his new production soon, can't wait.

  5. Just wanna say, this guy is amazing. We can't wait for he's next movie. Keep up the great work Vincent, we all love ya.