What To Wear With Converse That Makes You Sockless

I really don't like going sockless in sneakers . What about you? I just get too self-conscious that they’re going to stink, and that other people will smell them when I can’t. The struggle is especially real in Converse Chuck Taylors, aka Chucks. I love this shoe so much, but when you wear regular low socks with them, the fabric gets bunched up and sticks out the sides and out the back of the heel. Plus, they’re so narrow that most socks don’t fit comfortably under them.

No-show socks aren’t ideal either, because they can slip down around the heel and under the arch which is the *worst thing ever* and then you have to untie your laces to retrieve them. Wow, I really have lost a lot of my life to worrying about what to with it.

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