What You Can If Your Bikini Isn't Dry But You Need To Leave The Beach

This is kind of silly, but we’ve all been there: your bathing suit is still wet, but you need to leave the beach, so you end up with those triangle-shaped wet marks on your boobs and butt. It’s awks! I mean, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it is a minor pain. I’m here to answer you silly/stupid/trivial question of the day.

Yes, that will work! In the case of bikinis, first tie a dry towel around your top, cross your arms with your hands under the opposite armpit, and squeeze as hard as you can (without hurting your girls, obviously). This should wring a good amount of water out of them. If the top is padded, remove the pads (as discreetly as you can)–a lot of the moisture is held in the padding. Don’t forget to wring out, by hand, the ties behind your neck and at your back–a lot of wetness can be held in the straps, too.
Now, move on to the bottoms. So you don’t look like you’re wearing a wet diaper in your shorts bottoms, tie the towel around your waist and go in to a squat position. Hold the position for a few seconds (who cares if people are staring?) and then do it again. Wring out the inside tag by hand–that is a sneaky holder of water. If you need to put the towel between your legs and do the squat trick again, that will ensure that you don’t have an awkward wet crotch stain on your shorts.
Now, you should be good to go!

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