A Conversation With Horror Movie Writer & Director ‘Hoppy Rogers’

We recently interviewed a horror movie writer and directed Hoppy Rogers. You will definitely enjoy this very interesting interview that also have trailer of his upcoming horror movie.
ShowbizWatch: Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into this industry? Hoppy Rogers: I’ve been working on this project for two years. I wrote the script after an extremely difficult breakup with a girlfriend. At first I had no intentions of turning it into a film, but I’ve since had somewhat of a mid life crisis and decided I’ll either make it as a Horror Writer/ Director or die trying. There is no back-up plan.
ShowbizWatch: Any inspiration behind going for horror movies? Hoppy Rogers: I’ve loved horror movies since I was six. I have my horror favorites, yet 80% of the time I’m left wanting when I watch horror movies. I told myself: Instead of being a hater, go create what you want to see. ShowbizWatch: Your Horror movie trailer for “Mother Fraunfi” is recently released. Tell us more about this movie. Hoppy Rogers: Mother Fraunfi is a Voodoo Priestess who has completely joined the dark side. She has taken on an apprentice to learn voodoo in Daniel. Daniel is a pimp who is looking for deeper meaning in life. We also get to watch the demons who initiated Fraunfi into the dark arts hunt a group of friends. Fraunfi is faced with possible redemption and I can’t wait to hear what the audience thinks about that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s87qlN-dqlM ShowbizWatch: Tell us about the cast of the movie and how was your experience with them? Hoppy Rogers: I was completely blown away by our cast and crew both. The cinematographer, grip and I shot for 18 hours straight. The actresses and actors all showed up on time and owned their roles. We did casting sometimes without meeting or even  seeing a reel, so it was a gamble! Hit the lottery, baby. ShowbizWatch: What are your expectations from the movie? Hoppy Rogers: My expectations are to have fun and earn respect from my team and our family of fans. I would love for us to break into Hollywood and see the big screen on our first film, we all would. However I would be elated if I can just create a  film everyone was proud to be a part of that serves as a springboard for all our careers. ShowbizWatch: What has been one of your favorite projects to work on so far? Hoppy Rogers: Aside from Mother Fraunfi, I had a blast doing the Adopt a Zombie short. We guerilla shot all that footage and edited the shit out of it so it looked proper. I never even met anyone in the zombie mob. That work was farmed out in another city.ShowbizWatch: Are you inspired of someone in this industry? Hoppy Rogers: Two people mainly: Jessica Cameron and Jason Blum. I may prove to be too provocative and eccentric to work with them, yet I relate to both of them and the journey they experienced. Both of them faced their demons while creating demons on film. ShowbizWatch: What do you do when your not writing or directing movies? Hoppy Rogers: I’m very passionate about sexual exercise. I’m a camper. I dig old cars and car shows. Cooking w a lady and cuddling. I’m easy going even though my image is that of a wild playboy. ShowbizWatch: What projects do you have coming up?Hoppy Rogers: My entire energy is focused on making “Mother Fraunfi” happen for my team. ShowbizWatch: Are you active on social media? Our readers would love to follow you. Hoppy Rogers: I focus on twitter because its a party. On facebook I feel like I’m having lunch at Grandma’s. My tag is @HoppyRog

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