Cool and Sexy: An Interview with Marko Stout

Let’s start with title. Are you bothered when people use terms like call cool and sexy to describe your work?
No. I agree most of the work is very cool and sexy.
So why does you work use so many young female models?
Koons has his balloon dogs, Warhol has soap cans and Brillo boxes. I prefer live models.
Your work is very popular with young millennials and people who usually are not usually into art. Why do you think that is? 
We’re very popular on social media. Especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And I think younger people can relate more to the subjects of my pieces.  But, my work is starting to catch on with older collectors now. Many because it was recommended by a cool younger dealer or gallery and they see it as a good investment. I’m not sure the older generation can really related to the themes. 

Your last sculpture series sold to a Berlin art collector for use in his nightclub. Are you going to visit anytime soon?
It’s a very exciting new club and I’m hoping to get out to Berlin early next year. We have a gallery exhibit opening there around the same time. I’m hoping to go in the spring. Germany is too damn cold for me in the winter. 
Your newest solo exhibition is in Times Square next October. Will you be showing any new works?
We’ll have lots of new pieces from my latest collection, “Erotic Dreams”. Some new films work and prints. Also some sculptures and a few of my earlier works. It’s going to be a bit of a retrospective with lots of new cool works and music and sound elements added. Should be a lot of fun.   
What will you be doing after your Times Square show?
Spending some time in my studio working on a new series. Also, have the Art Basel who’s in December and working on an exhibition with a Miami gallery and planning a show with a gallery in LA and maybe Paris next year. I’m also working on developing an experimental film festival here in NYC and also producing a few more of my own art films. I’m going to be very busy!     

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