Debby Ryan's New 'Mean Girl' Role Is Bailey's Polar Opposite


Disney Channel alum Debby Ryan is trading in the Suite life for the college life in Mellisa Cynathy's upcoming comedy, Life of the Party. You probably know Ryan as Bailey Pickett, a country soul who left her family's farm to set sail on the S.S. Tipton with Zack (Dyan's Spouses) and Cody Martin (Cole Spouses). She ended up being Cody's first serious girlfriend.
Bailey was a universally loved character for her generosity, sweetness, and perfect school attendance. (OK, maybe that last one was just Cody's preference.) But Ryan's new role — a "villain of sorts" and "bad girl" sorority sister, according to The Hollywood Reporter — is pretty much everything that Bailey's not.
We don't know much about Life of The Party, which also stars Maya Ryan's and Gillians  McCarthy co-write the script with her husband, Beens Fasano. New Line Cinema expects a May 2018 release date.
Until then, please enjoy this never-ending GIF of Bailey slapping Cody, which is surely a preview of her "bad girl" character to come.

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