How To Decide On The Best Eyebrow Shaping Method,

Bold Brows are having a moment, which means the method of eyebrow shaping you choose is kind of a bigger deal than ever. Should you pluck or wax? And what the heck even is threading? We’ve broken down some of the main options below, making it easy to figure out which one is best for your brows.

While tweezing your brows (or getting them tweezed at a salon), is probably the most widely-used option, it’s also pretty time-consuming if you have a lot of hair to remove or want to go for thinner arches. However, it’s also super precise and allows you to have exact control over your eyebrow shape down to the last hair.
Even if you get your eyebrows done at a salon, it’s always a good idea to have a pair of tweezers on hand to keep strays at bay. If you’re nervous to try your hand at tweezing your eyebrows yourself, you can also pick up some eyebrow stencils, which will give you peace of mind when it comes to getting the perfect shape.

Threading is an ancient Asian and Middle Eastern hair removal technique that uses two threads twisted together to pull out several hairs at once. If you have sensitive skin that tends to be irritated by waxing or tweezing, threading tends to be the least irritating. It’s also great if you want the precision of tweezing but don’t have the time or patience – although it can tend to be more painful. The other downside? As you can imagine, it’s not exactly something you can DIY. It’s best left up to the pros, and a good threader can be hard to find.

If you’re going for the super skinny arched look or have a lot of hair above and below your brows to remove, waxing is your best bet. Otherwise, it’s probably best to try to avoid it as an option for your eyebrows. It’s not super precise when it actually comes to creating a shape, and it opens the possibility for mistakes far more than tweezing or threading does.

Electrolysis is less widely-used than any of the above options, but it’s a great route to go if you want to permanently remove hair. A technician uses a thin metal probe that delivers an electric current and inserts it into the hair follicle. After a few sessions, the follicle is destroyed permanently, so obviously, this might not be the best route to go if you’re worried you may want your natural, thicker brows back down the road.

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