How To Remember What You Were Saying When You Lose Your Train Of Thought

We’ve all been there: You’re on a roll telling your friend a story or talking to your boss when suddenly, for no reason at all, you lose your train of thought. As seriously annoying as it can be, there are ways to make yourself remember in a flash – below is your how-to guide.

Don’t freak
If you’re giving a presentation or speaking to someone important like your boss, it’s easy to freak if you forget – but the key here is to keep calm and carry on. Getting anxious or worried is a surefire way to cause your brain to not remember what it was you were saying in the first place. You’re much more likely to remember if you calmly make a joke about being forgetful or laugh it off until you get back on track.

Mentally retrace your steps
Much like retracing your steps to find something you lost, mentally retracing your steps is the best way to remember what it was you were talking about before you lost your train of thought. Take a second to rack your brain and mentally go through everything you’ve said already. When you can remember what you’ve already said, you’re more likely to land on exactly what you meant to say before you forgot it.

Ask for a reminder
If trying to mentally retrace your steps gets a little fuzzy, there’s no harm in using a bit of humor to ask whoever you’re speaking to, “Wait, what was I talking about before this?” Two brains are better than one, and if you can’t remember, whoever is listening to you probably can.

Let it come to you
When all else fails, simply move on. We’ve all had that “A-ha!” moment when that name or word we’ve forgotten randomly comes to us – and it happens for a reason. As cruel as it is, you’ll probably have an easier time remembering something when you’re not dwelling on it or overthinking it.

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