Jordan Rodgers' Ex Posts About Him On Instagram Again, Calls Him A 'Prolific Liar And Cheater

Bachelor Nation remembers when Jordan Rodgers‘ ex-girlfirend (and also friend of olivia), Brittany Farrar, posted this to Instagram on premiere night for the latest season of The Bachelorette.
Fast-forward three months and JoJo Fletcher picks Jordan Rodgers to “do life with” in the show’s finale. They land a People cover, spend their first weekend as a couple-out-of-hiding at a gorgeous Malibu beachside house. They even go on a road trip cross country so Jordan can move in with JoJo in her hometown of Dallas. Everything seems great with the two, despite the drama surrounding the former NFL player all season. That is, until today…
Brittany Farrar is back at it again with the cheating accusations. She posted and then deleted a scathing note to Instagram calling her ex a “prolific liar and cheater,” and claims to have proof to back it all up.
She wrote, “When I broke up with my ex and gave back his old mattress and chia seeds — that was his ultimatum to me (‘Give me another chance or I want my mattress and the chia I bought back!’) — his lies stopped being my problem. UNTIL he went onto one of the most popular reality shows on TV and lied about our relationship. That’s when I wrote my first post about him. I was hoping that would be the first and last, but then the show ends (Hey, you’re finally a winner!) and he starts calling me a liar. With the power of a press tour, his lies reached our hometown and my family and friends are now constantly approached by mutual acquaintances. After weeks of this, I started wondering why I feel like I’m the one who should be silent when he was the one who jumped on a reality show hoping to catch fame as a last ditch attempt to make something of himself. His choice has become other people’s consequences. So if I don’t have a choice in whether people back home are talking about me, then I might as well have my voice in this. You’re wondering why there isn’t a flood of positivity around your engagement? Maybe it’s because your recent fame is built on you tearing down people and rewriting the truth to fit your storyline. I’m laying it all out there because I don’t want to do this again. Unlike, Jordan, I’m not desperate to stay in the spotlight.”
Now for the receipts. Farrar posted and then deleted a second Instagram video that showed a purchase order for roses for another woman with the note, “Happy Birthday to my Favorite Bella. Miss you. Can’t Wait to To See That Beautiful Smile Again. From, Your Favorite Football Player Wanna Be Actor.” This was from when he was filming his small cameo with the Green Bay Packers in Pitch Perfect 2. She then provided screenshots of text messages with Rodgers from the same time period to prove they were dating then. Yikes.
But wait, Jordan Rodgers was in Pitch Perfect 2??? That might be the biggest revelation here, just sayin’.

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