Kylie Jenner Has A Bright New Birthday Hair Color

Despite her cutes wig, Kylie Jenner never had red hair. There have been pinks and oranges, but nothing resembling a fire engine or cherry.
Then, last night, on the eve of her 19th birthday, that all changed.

After hinting that she might try out the fiery color before her birthday on Twitter last week, Kylie unveiled the new look on Snapchat and then on Instagram (the only order to do things in these days). Her longtime wig man,  Tokyo Syzer confirmed that the new hue is, in fact,  a wig, which means we could be in for an entirely new look today.

The bright red addition means Kylie has completed her wig rainbow, a feat rarely achieved by someone so young. She’s been training for this and, well, she did it.

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