Nephew of Charlie Wilson, Brian Wilson talks about his new music and upcoming appearance on stage!

You come from a very musical background. You are one of the son’s of Ronnie Wilson, nephew of Charlie Wilson, and the great bass player (Robert Wilson) of The Gap Band. When did decide that you wanted to get into music?
Well growing up around musicians and singers all my life. I was sure to follow the family trade. But I remember playing for a talent show and Inglewood High School, there our band played hits, from Prince, One Way, The Time, and we actually won 2nd place I believe, it was when I was 10 yrs old. I then knew that I liked the crowd and playing drums at that age for a band was new to some, but excited me. I think that was definitely when I felt comfortable with choosing the entertainment field as my career growing up.
Who were some of your musical influences growing up?
My musical influences other than my dad and uncles were Debarge, The Time, Prince, George Clinton, Cameo, I even liked jazzy flavors of Chuck Mangione.
You have a couple of shows coming up, which must be pretty exciting for you. Please fill us in on that:
Well, I was approached by a well known business family The Gordy’s to guest star on their new stage and reality live show Take the Stage2 ! I am very excited and looking forward to making my appearance heart felt on the night that they have me booked for. I am also available for other potential bookings as well (note to my fans and promoters out there!!).
You have also worked on some pretty big albums with some amazing artists. Who has been one of your favorite artists to work with so far?
I really enjoyed working with them all, but my favorite was my Dad and uncles The Gap Band and Shari Watson aka Truth Hurts she was very professional and we had a great arrangement of top producers working together with Rafael Sadiq from Tony Toni Tone. Great times!!!
What state do you think the music industry is in now? Do you think it has getting better or worse?
That is not easy to answer but here’s my thoughts. If you are an independent artist that has a lil’ push behind you, it can really be a life fulfilling journey. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve great heights in the very internet based world we now live in. Now, if you are signed to a label you can achieve great things but it can also make you a bitter individual if your business is not handled properly. It can be devastating to your creativity or it could be heaven to your world. It’s all based around your team of representatives. So, I always advise up and coming artists to seek the proper and trustworthy reps for their journeys.
What would you like the listeners to take away from your music?
First that music is a tool and a counselor in a sense . I do what I feel and most of those feelings come from love, but there’s always the ups and downs of life that inspire the coolest thoughts. So when listeners hear my music, I want to move emotion in their souls. I have been hurt, loved, lost love and battered at times just like anyone else, so I would like the world to embrace those emotions but let my music inspire you through the rough times. Let my music put a smile on your face during the sad times, and when the weekend comes, we can also party hard since we worked hard during the week. A well rounded meal so to speak!
Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?
Never stop believing in yourself and keep the most high God as your guide and you will never fail. Things can get a little bumpy out in this world but dedication and empowerment are very important attributes that I continuously speak about to everyone, which boils all down to success!!!! Keep going and keep trying and you will succeed !
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