Sarah Josephine Bosch - all the way from Switzerland to New York

Sarah Josephine Bosch

If the Mona Lisa could act, Sarah Josephine Bosch would be her inspiration. That's how trustworthy I am on my renditions of the upcoming new star Sarah Josephine Bosch. She's got an unwavering fire in her eyes and her ability to weave in and out of different characters is the thing film directors dream of.

I first saw Sarah in a few stage plays when I got invited to "NYFA" by Emmy Award Winner Blanche Baker and was overall impressed by all the first year students’ performances. I was eagerly anticipating Sarah's next act because I felt she brings something fresh on stage. While I wasn't thrilled with her choice of role she displayed that day, (maybe because I am done with Shakespeare themed acting) she played the role so raw and honest. The mannerism she chose to speak was almost fragile, like a glass ballerina that is falling on the stony ground. I had to pause for moment because I was feeling the character’s pain running through my own veins. That’s how deeply Sarah’s acting touched me. But I realized that her English accent isn't as polished but her clarity and knack for getting the English details, timing and emphasis satisfied my palette for dramatic dialogues.
She's been dramatically stagnant before she got to the Unites States because as she explains to me, life in Switzerland can be very bland. Lifeless in emotion. I didn't see any of those flaws on stage. Sarah was vivid and playing from the depths of the character’s heart. She and the character became one. She admitted life in New York is a learning experience worth being jolted out of car at 100mph to absorb. She told me she has never been forced to dive as deep, climb as high or scream as loud as she has here in NYC yet she wouldn't change a thing.

I have also seen her last movie Sarah, where she captures the horror of someone having to wake up to the same nightmare over and over again. In the course of watching her on screen the idiom “eyes are the window to the soul” came into my mind and Sarah used her eyes purposefully to deliver the insight of the character’s anxieties of the unknown. Once again Sarah impressed through her realness. I have to admit while watching her move throughout the film she reminded me of a young Angelina Jolie. She controls those tense moments with a craft that you have often seen in blockbusters. Sarah Josephine Bosch a name you should remember.

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