This Is What Really Happens When Couples Move In Together

Have you been thinking about moving in with your significant other, but aren’t exactly sure how that’s going to turn out? I mean, you love him/her–but it’s a huge step and it just multiplies the number of things you could argue about at any given time (the dishes… the laundry… his snoring). Is it worth it? Well, you don’t have to *guess* what that’s going to be like, because HomeGoods just conducted a service on the topic… and the results are in!
  • 93% of Americans have disagreed with their significant other about something home décor-related.
  • The top décor decisions couples have disagreed on are color (41%), followed by style (39%) and price (38%).
  • More than 1 in 3 respondents have lied to their partner about the cost of a décor purchase.
  • 3 out of 4 Americans tried to get rid of their partner’s stuff when they moved in together, and on average, it was about one-fifth (22%) of their stuff!
  • Nearly half (42%) of Americans would be more likely to disagree on where the couch should go than which family they should spend the holidays with.
  • Couples overwhelmingly feel that adding photos of family and friends (59%) is what make a house most feel like a home.

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