You Won't Believe the Ridiculous Bumble Date I Went On — Hear the Whole Story

I was freshly single and had just moved to a brand-new city. I wanted to meet guys and go on dates, but I wasn't exactly the go-out-and-mingle type of girl. I was apprehensive and felt uncomfortable meeting people in bars, so dating apps seemed like a smart option. Tinder had always creeped me out because I'd heard too many booty-call horror stories, so I turned to Bumble instead.
So, off I went to create a profile. I utilized the six photo limit, showcasing my most flattering photos, my interests, and my cat (because obviously). It was thoroughly entertaining to scroll through San Francisco's 20-something bachelors. Eventually I got to one guy and I soaked in the details: attractive, good job . . . I said screw it and swiped right. I really shouldn't have.

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