Sevda Levent in the short film SUBMIT with Jihad Jay Reeves

Since we already talked about Sevda’s acting talents and her “IT” factor in the most praiseful manner in earlier articles, perhaps we should catch everybody up on what Sevda has achieved in her brief but sparkling career. As you may remember, the lovely Sevda has a Turkish background and speaks fluently in English and Turkish. She is also quite proficient in accents such as Australian, Irish, Cockney/London, General & Southern American, New York- Jewish, Middle Eastern and Eastern European, among others.

She has gone through years of intensive acting classes and studied with some of the best teachers in the business. She attended one of the best acting schools in the UK, Rose Buford College, and she also went through the acting program at RADA and the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. She also studied musical theatre at the Guilford School of Acting. She can ride horses; she’s a wiz at historical dancing from the 15th to the 17th centuries. She can waltz with the best of them and is terrific at contemporary dance and ballet. Stage combat? Don’t get in her way if she is armed. She can sing beautifully (I’ve heard her), she swims like a fish and she can drive a car as if she has been driving for years. (She actually has been driving for years).

Some of the stage roles Ms. Levent has performed have been, Karla in Couples Therapy, Molly in The Call, Isabella in Win or Die, Beatrice in A View From The Bridge and Mephistopheles in Doctor Faustus. Sevda was also in several plays for the long-established actors’ and writers’ company The Player-Playwrights and won The Best Actress of the Year Award for her performances (twice!). This is the short list of what Sevda has done on the stage. The list goes on and on.

In television Sevda played Jane in Married With Secrets for Discovery, Melissa in Lodgers, Naz in The MehmeFemis, Sam in Flixborough and Sally in A& E (almost all for the BBC). She worked with Eastenders director Steve Finn on a short TV pilot series and then he cast her in two of his short films. He had this to say: “I loved her work for me. She was always quick to pick up any notes I gave her, and delivered a wonderful performance time after time. I would cast her again in a heartbeat: I highly recommend her.”

Sevda loves movies and during a summer break from school she worked as a production assistant on the film Fast & Furious 6, a job which she loved. She has acted in numerous films including, The Bishop and the Beggar, Submit, Let Me Go, Fearmoth, Twenty8K, Gulls, Fish Wish and The Outsider, to name just a few. Sevda’s schedule has gotten even busier as she is in more and more demand- she has two plays and two movies coming up in 2016. She is planning to make the move to L.A in 2017.
Good for her – and for us, we get to see her in more movies.

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