Well, when you have established yourself as a professional dancer and have worked in movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the great Amir Khan of Indian films, what do you do, quit while you’re ahead…retire? Of course not! Especially if you’re in your twenties and the only thing in life you want to do is dance and be the best at what you do. After working on several big movies with the world’s best directors and choreographers, Karinna Greksa understandably wants to continue to be the in-demand dancer that she has become.

Her twenty-some years of training and stretching and rehearsing paid off not long ago when Baz Luhrmann cast her as the lead dancer in “The Twins” dance in several party scenes in his movie The Great Gatsby. Karinna found herself in the middle of the big time and on a movie set with the likes of DiCaprio and Toby Maguire. She also discovered the thrill of being in the center of a tornado, so to speak. If you look at the party scene in the movie, you’ll see “The Twins” dancing in center frame. They do change costumes several times and they are always the happiest women in the room as they keep the party moving with their smiles and dancing. Once Baz Luhrmann saw the lovely Karinna dance he knew immediately that she was to be the lead dancer in that long sequence. Good call Baz!

Karinna loves dance, which is obvious if you have ever seen her perform. She gives her heart not only to the movement of the piece but to the character that is represented in the dance. Speaking of giving her all to something, Karinna recently auditioned for Cirque du Soleil and the auditions lasted a full three days. Can you imagine dancing for three full days? Dancing, of course, is an art, but it’s as strenuous and exhausting as a full contact sport or a running sport like basketball. One famous male dancer who was in a show three nights a week reported that it was so physically demanding that he lost eight pounds every night. He managed to maintain his weight by eating properly and apparently a lot. By default, Karinna is a performing artist and an athlete if you consider how physical her job is.

Besides her big screen successes, Karinna has also established herself as a successful stage and theatre dancer. She danced alongside Olivia Newton John on the AACTA awards program and she performed with Hugh Jackman at the Helpmann Awards show. She’s worked with leading directors and some of the world’s most famous choreographers and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the near future.

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