Is Paris the center of the universe? Some people may think so – that great city certainly has some arguably great food and monuments, and just the way the metropolis is laid out is magnificent. It also has the best baguettes and the coolest outdoor cafes. It also has one of the best makeup schools in the world: Make Up For Ever Academy Paris and a beauty formation in the south of France BTS in Aix en Provence. The capital of France also lays claim to well-known international makeup artist Estelle Descard – and we want her back in Los Angeles!

How can we want her back so badly when she is from Paris, you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple really. She came over for a visit a couple of years ago and left us all wanting more of her. While she was traipsing around Hollywood movie sets assisting and learning makeup secrets from celebrity makeup artists the rest of us were falling in love with this young Parisian makeup artisan. Yes, she made that big of an impression on us. Hard to believe that someone could do it in such a short amount of time but if you saw the way she handled those makeup brushes so lithely and professionally you would understand where we’re coming from.

Estelle is a very charming woman, but the way she approaches her career, that of makeup artist, is something unexpected. She doesn’t just see makeup as powdering someone’s nose or rouging their cheeks, she sees it as a living, breathing thing. Look at some of the photographs on her website and you’ll see what we mean. When she looks at the model, she views that person as an un-sculpted piece of beautiful marble just waiting to be refined and revised and enhanced and transformed into something that it wasn’t previously. When she explores and breaks out of the accepted norm is when Estelle is the master of her art and the women models have completely metamorphosed into the most alluring exotic butterflies, so to speak under Estelle’s watchful brush strokes.

Estelle has done makeup all over the world, from Paris and Sydney to Los Angeles. Along with her kit of beauty secrets, she brings years of exhaustive training, hard work and experience and an artist’s sensitivity to the human form. She also brings an enquiring mind because she is always on the lookout for new ideas.

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