Indian Camera Operator Sharath Chandra

Sharath Chandra Subramanyam
Indian Camera Operator Sharath Chandra

How does one go from computer science in India to working on films in the heart of of the movie industry in Hollywood? Good question. Well, first of all, you would have to be interested in films as much as Sharath Chandra, the Indian filmmaker who now resides in Los Angeles. Then, you would probably have to make a decision to either remain in IT (Information Technology) or break out of that comfort zone and do what you’ve always wanted to do, which is to work on movies and make movies of your own.

Sharath Chandra had to go through that tough, life-changing decision phase and we think that he made the right choice. Had he stayed in the computer world, his steady salary and livelihood would have been guaranteed. It is never guaranteed in the film business; you might work one month and be off the next two or three. 

Once he decided on filmmaking as a career, there was no turning back. He made his way to the Philippines where he got a degree from the International Academy of Film & Television and then made another journey across the Pacific to Los Angeles where he attended the New York Film Academy. He hasn’t stopped working, creating and making films since then. We should add learning to the previous sentence because even though Sharath is an established filmmaker in California he is constantly experimenting and seeking out new knowledge that will help him be a better filmmaker.

Sharath is an obvious adventurer with a yearning to tell stories through the medium of the small and big silver screens. Besides all the projects he has done as camera man and assistant camera man and editor, Sharath has written, directed, edited and produced a great deal of wonderful short films that have received high praise. Some of them are, Romeo Versus Juliet, It’s All About Me, Emotion, Operation Baby, The Look and many, many more. He has also worked on numerous features that include, All Is Vanity, Cozmo, Pale Horse, The Hollywood Box, The Unbidden, Buddy Solitaire and too many more to name them all in this space. Sharath is also busy at the famous Voxx Studios in Los Angeles, and he’s got projects scheduled there until 2019.

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