The feature-length motion picture Waves, directed by Don Frasco, was shot in the Philippines and stars East Asia’s sensation Baron Geisler along with American actress Ilona Struzik. The film is such a beautiful piece of artistic poetry that it flows smoothly and refreshingly like the water that surrounds those exotic islands. It tells us the story of two lovers reunited, and the schism that time and distance has put through their relationship. A relationship that was not so simple as we imagined at first.

It’s truly a gorgeous film in which the mood the photography and editing created has the ability to take the audience by the virtual hand and pull them into the screen to join the cast. There’s always something special about films like that. They are rare and you have to watch them again and again, not because you missed some dialogue or didn’t understand the arc of one of the characters, but because you want to be in that non-linear space again – it makes you want to feel once more what you felt the first time you experienced the film, but every time you watch it, it feels different. It’s all totally unexplainable, like sharing your own good memories with those of the two lovers in the screen. And so, you go again.

Back to Earth now. The movie was great and the editing by Adrian Morales Ramos was spectacularly subtle and powerful, probably the main culprit of taking you in that rollercoaster of emotion that is the film. Adrian’s work moved the story forward in a way that was reminiscent of Terrence Malick’s films – the jump cuts never really felt like they jumped at all as they gracefully set the tone and pacing of the scene and the characters mood inside the story. The non-linear editing method was extremely effective and it even had some music video overtones.

Go see it – you’ll love it. If you missed it on theatres, it’s on Vimeo on Demand, so you won’t have to travel far.

You can see the filmmakers’ other work online too, and there has been a lot of it. Before Waves, both Don Frasco and Adrian Morales worked on the award winning film At Last, which has been showcased in way over a dozen festivals worldwide. Besides numerous feature film projects, Adrian also edited the music video Unpredictable by Celeste Buckingham, which is on Youtube as well as the great webseries show Behind the Blinds, which is becoming more popular every minute. It’s one of our favorites and we get a lot of very big laughs from the two Eastern European Mob guys who decide to make their own movie so they can launder their ill-gotten money. Catch it – you’ll love it.


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