Gavin Crews
Gavin Crews
Sultry and playful is a great combination in any person, but a winning one in an actress. Indi Massara has the ability to project youthful exuberance and then turn on a dime and become a scorching seductress in another role. She has all the talent and looks that one could ever want to be a leading lady on the silver screen.

She has acted in commercials, including the Olympic campaign for Chobani, working with Cannes Gold Lion award-winning director, Laurence Dunmore. She also attracted a lot of attention in Korea after being cast in ads for the Korean conglomerate CJ Group. Indi was a love interest in the music video Ain’t Got Money, by one of the hottest American boy bands, New District. You can see her beautiful face in that video on Youtube and other venues where it has garnered over 10 million views so far.

She was also cast in a short vampire along with fellow Australian, Freya Tingley, who is also featured in the Jersey Boys, Once Upon A Time and No Way Live.  We saw her in one of Will Ferrell’s Funny Or Die Productions with Dennis Quaid and Amanda Peet, and she was just terrific.

Besides, being an established performer in both Australia and the U.S., Indi is a professional model. She will be the face of a new clothing line coming out early next year in Los Angeles and she has walked the runway at Los Angeles Fashion Week for designers such as Fernando Atelier and Rocky Gathercole who designed fashions for Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and other celebrities. She also walked the runway for Celebrity Australian Designer, Stephanie Audino, who recently launched her own line of clothing in LA. Stephanie was responsible for the stunning gown that Australia’s 2016 Miss Universe representative, Caris Tiivel won the final in.   
Indi Massara is a talented actress and model and her body of work in both fields is quite impressive. If she’s not walking the runway or involved in fashion shoots then she’s on a movie set or on location shooting a film or commercial. She is always up to something creative and that’s the way she likes it.

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