How many people do you know who break through cultural barriers while doing one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world? Just a rhetorical question, which doesn’t require an answer, but it got you thinking, didn’t it? Well, we know of one person who fits that description: Leigh Smith. He’s the Australian actor who’s in that big hit of a web series called Counter Play.
Counter Play, created, written and directed by fellow Australian Chrys Phillips, is about life and revenge in the fictional scenic, exclusive and very affluent beach community of South Point. There are plenty of characters in this well-produced and sharply written series but Leigh Smith plays one that is breaking the mould.
Phillips states that she created the character of Tim to “showcase an openly gay character who showcases as a scandalous and sinister game player. Tim has no shame and will go after what he wants no matter what or whom threatens him”. The reason that Leigh’s character, Tim, is considered so new and bold is due to the fact the he does not play to the outdated stereotypical gay characterization that Australian media has continued to portray time and time again. Tim is shattering the narrow-minded stereotypes of LGBT characters in Australian TV and Film. Dark, vindictive and manipulative Tim will enter the world of South Point and turn it upside down. 

Phillips again comments that whilst Tim’s entrance into the series may seem inconsequential “nothing in South Point is as innocent as it seems. Tim’s vendetta will spin the people of South Point into trouble and mayhem. However, I will not say anymore – you will just have to wait and see”.

Leigh Smith himself states that, "It is one of the greatest thrills of my career to date to bring the character of Tim alive. When it comes to modern ideals of gay characterization Australia is extremely lacking and certainly behind industries the world over; particularly that of the USA where LGBT characters have dominated the screen and assumed high levels of power in hit shows such as Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Revenge to name but a few. It is my hope that by bringing Tim to life we can shed a new light on the many and varied LGBT characters that can be offered. Look out South Point - a storm is brewing.

And of course, Leigh Smith has personified Tim perfectly. He is an established and experienced actor who has a great deal of work and training behind him and with the shooting of Season 2 of Counter Play coming up, Leigh will also have one of the hottest Internet web series under his belt.

Counter Play has had over a million combined views and continues to grow daily. It is currently in negotiations for distribution and commercial screenings. Worldwide response has been overwhelming and people are in love with this intoxicating, addictive and scandalous new Australian made drama/thriller.
Remember there is only one rule in South Point – Play or be Played!

Counter Play can be viewed at www.counterplayseries.com

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