MyLive - Turn Your Guitar in a rec & play device

MyLive is a recording & playing device that gives you the option to add bass, voice or any thing else you’d like to, to your guitar while playing it. Think about not having wiring around, having no limits while playing guitar, and  having your guitar become a unique instrument where all your music comes from.  

The components of MyLive were designed to respect the target of your desired project. The total balance of the system is fully respected, paying particular attention to the frequencies that are in the mood of the guitar. 

Sizes and Weight are fundamental for the guitar’s mobility and the balance of the the guitar. The positioning of MyLive plays an important role in having a perfect resonation from the guitar body and also maintaining the inner balance of the guitar.

The sticker power of MyLive has been developed to ensure that after you place it, it will not fall. This is essential in this project because adding a holder or a sort of cage to MyLive will reduce the vibration transfer to the guitar body. That's why we deeply studied the sticker glue to be sure that you'll be able to attach MyLive to your beloved guitar without scratching or leaving any residue on the body.

Visit: MyLive

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