Andrea Hintermaier

Andrea Hintermaier is a powerful Austrian actress who often works in the US. Recently, Hintermaier appeared in Perfect Match, which is a US/German production that was shot in Boston. Andrea´s character is the unconventional dog walker, Maria. When asked about her role, Andrea said, “She wanted to be the best friend, everybody wishes to have”. The award-winning Frauke Thielecke directed the film and it will be shown on German TV in January. As Andrea knows both cultures very well and speaks German and English fluently, she seems to be perfect for these multi-national movies produced in the US.

The same can be said for most of her upcoming projects which she is very excited about. One of them is an artistic cooperation between the twin cities Atlanta and Nuremberg, including a stage production, a fictional movie and a documentary. It is a project about labels, equality and youth empowerment. Andrea also received a warm international welcome at the Atlanta premiere of her movie BRUNO, which she directed, wrote, produced and also starred in. It also screened on November 23rd at the New Filmmakers Filmfest NY and is currently released in German theaters. 

Along with these recent successful projects, Andrea starred in Dalliance, which had its premiere at the Lincoln Center in New York City earlier this year. The producer was the amazing Joanna Lagstein Jacobi and it was directed by the talented Marisa Christine Medina. It was a huge hit, received rave reviews and Andrea, of course, was highly praised for her efforts. One member of the audience said: “I distinctly remember Andrea Hintermaier´s performance, because it was very moving.”

As you can see, this Austrian actress is already becoming a successful star in the US. Fortunately for viewers across the world, this is only the beginning of a long and exciting career for this exceptional actress. We definitely can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

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