"Straight From The Doc's Mouth"

We are just 2 Insane brainiac's (Shane & Aaron) that have a passion for supplements and are striving to make an impact on society. We came together to create this product based off of multiple clinical trials and university studies* Every single ingredient is specifically picked out under the direct supervision of highly successful medical professionals and herbal experts. Brain Nerd for the past 3 years has been ONLY sold to personal friends and high profile business acquaintances, who do not wish to be disclosed. Fortunately for YOU, the secret is out of the bag! The whole world is finding out about the advantage of our supplement. Unlike other companies out there we don't need to impress you with fancy graphs and pictures to "show" you how our product works. Take it and if you don't love it after a few days send it back for a refund!  We want to share this wonderful cognitive boosting supplement with the world and make a difference in your life. If you are a high functioning individual that demands the most out of every second of your day, this product is for you. If you don't settle for being average and walking the path of normality, we built this supplement with your name on it. We are the "doers and go-getters", we build empires and crush anyone that gets in our path of success. We are the Brain Nerds of the World! Try us!

"Brain Nerd can increase cerebral blood flow, thus causing an increase in the amount of oxygen and ATP available to neurons. Brain Nerd replenishes the neurotransmitter acetylcholine that is used in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain to generate higher thought and mind-muscle connection. Brain Nerd improves the connections between the different parts of the brain (speech, memory, motor control, sensory, etc.) and also within the different hemispheres of the brain"*. Translation, "YOU THINK MUCH FASTER"

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