Director and Writer Didier Beringuer and Actor Stephen Dorff
How busy does one have to be to be a successful film and TV producer/writer/director? The answer is simple: very busy! Maybe that’s why they say, if you want something done, give it the busiest person in the room. Is that why people are always giving Didier Beringuer more projects to direct and produce? Most likely, is the answer to that one, don’t forget, the busiest person in the room is always looking for projects of his won too. And that’s what Didier does – dream up interesting stories for TV and or movies and then he writes the script and either produces the project himself or directs it.

Brilliant Silence, the feature film to be shot in 2017 is one of those dreams that floated to the surface in Didier’s highly creative imagination. It’s a story of the right-to-die and same-sex marriage all rolled into one 90-minute (more or less) moving picture starring the likes of the famous Eric Roberts, Stephen Dorff, Colin O’Donoghue and William Fitchner. Didier also lassoed Oscar-winning composer Ludivic Bource to compose the original score for the film.

While the film is in pre-production right now it is scheduled to be shot in early 2017 and then released in late 2017 or early 2018. Having seen many of Didier’s commercials and a few of his other films and TV shows, we have no doubt that Brilliant Silence will be another subtle masterpiece that evokes a stream of emotions along with pride in humanity and in being human.

We were totally impressed when we saw his commercial for Buchanan’s Whiskey. Two painters creating art on adjacent walls, two completely different styles - clashing and competing at first, but then slowly appreciating and even merging their work and finally embracing with all the understanding and feelings that two long-lost brothers could muster up after not seeing each other for decades. That is certainly the structure of some of Didier’s work and it is very effective because it draws the audience into the piece of work and allows them to feel what the characters are feeling. And isn’t that what we go to the movies for?

Brilliant Silence has the opportunity to bring all of us together on topics that are arguably very politically challenging right now. We are fortunate that Didier Beringuer is at the helm of this movie because he will bring his sensitivity and sharp intelligence into play as he marshals all his forces to make another beautiful film.

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