Italy is known for its exquisite architecture, incredibly lush scenery, and delicious food, but it is also known for some famous stars. Charming actor Mattia Bartoli is no exception. Not only has he graced us with his handsome good looks in TV and films but he has also portrayed some amazing characters time and again. He has always been appreciated by audiences and critics for the type of roles he takes on and the way he grasps each character and makes them his own.

This global actor has been jetting around from one end of the world to the other and conquering audiences whether it is on stage or screen. This past summer, Mattia won an award for ‘Stage Scene LA’ for best outstanding performance in a leading role, playing Joe Bonaparte in ‘Golden Boy’ by Clifford Odets. 

Bartoli was born in Northern Italy, but raised in London for five years. He then moved from London to Rome and decided to pursue his studies. He has been performing since he was a child and would often take part in school plays and acting competitions where his performances were often praised.

One of Mattia’s most recent and highly anticipated roles was in the film ‘Non Exitus’, which was inspired by Jean Pierre Sartre’s ‘No Exit’, directed by Alain Villeneuve. Mattia plays the role of a homeless guy and once again plays the part so convincingly and realistically. This role was actually given to him after the director saw him playing the role of “Skelly Mannor”, (another homeless character), in Lanford Wilson's ‘The Rimers Of Eldrich’.

This film follows the character of Brian, who tragically falls into a coma after a serious car crash. He then dives into his subconscious mind, exploring his fears and guilt hidden in the deepest regions of his brain. Mattia’s character is used to find out from Brian why he has such a need for violence, which seems to be driving him obviously insane. There are a multitude of spirited figures and metaphors of real people in his life. This all adds to further confusion haunting him and asking questions that he doesn't have the answers for.

This talented guy from Italy, continues to wow critics and already has Hollywood talking about his work and lining up to speak with him. Aside from his obvious talent as an actor, Mattia is an extremely humble guy who has remained very grounded and level headed in an industry that can often swallow you up. We frankly can’t get enough of this guy and his amazing work. Mattia is still with Visionary Entertainment and is really looking forward to his role in ‘BUDS’, a pilot episode he is currently shooting.

Watch this space! It’s just the tip of the iceberg for Mattia, with many more successful years ahead for his career. 

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