Almost every actor you talk to remembers when he or she decided that acting was going to be their life. Obie Sho, the popular Japanese actor, told us that for him that moment occurred when he was presenting his award-winning speech at the All-japan English Speech Contest. Before his final presentation he watched the audience as they listened to other high school speech competitors and saw two of them doze off as the speaker rambled on. That was one of the triggers, as he calls it, that helped him ramp up his performance on stage in front of a very large audience. He couldn’t remember how his performance went but before the applause began he did notice that the two sleepers in the audience were definitely not dozing off during his speech. That was when he knew that the performing arts, especially acting would be his life’s work.

Since then he has immersed himself fully into several years of exhaustive acting classes and workshops and when he was living and working in Las Vegas, he studied film acting under the well-known acting teacher Ryan R. Williams. Besides working on numerous TV shows, commercials and films, Obie has also been part of Team Hara in Las Vegas and other venues. Team Hara was one of the most remembered of all magic/illusion shows on America’s Got Talent. Obie can be seen assisting Hara the Illusionist on stage when he performed in front of millions of Americans on that great TV show.

Obie is developing his singing and dancing skills in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and is working quite a bit on films and commercials. He is also working on a One Man Theater Project, in which he will star. It is about the beautiful Japanese island that he is from, which is named Yakushima. That island, by the way, is the first place in Japan to be named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. His one-man show will be about Yakushima itself and will express through fantasy story-telling the respect and humility mankind should be showing to nature. He is re-writing the show’s script and will use either anime or projection mapping to help tell the story. Obie looks forward to premiering the show in the next year or two.

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